Instructions for making ‘Indoor Firework Display’

!!!!!Important Notice!!!!!

Before trying this please practice in a controlled environment (such as a shared kitchen in a university), as the effect may be greater than you expect…Never attempt to perform any sort of explosion around cats or pet rodents (dogs are fair game however). If you do not understand why it is dangerous to perform such things without proper supervision then you may find a job here.

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1 – Ingredients
2 x Disposable cigarette lighter
1 x Room with hard floor or desk and curtains
1 x Lightswitch

2 – Recipe
– Remove the silver cover from the front of the top of one of the lighters. Careful not to cut your fingers on the sharp edges!

– Remove the grinding wheel from the top of the lighter. You can do whatever you want with this, I enjoy trying to carve ‘4 Real’ into the arms of Manic Street Preachers’ fans.

– Flint (small hard stone) and spring from the top of the lighter, and throw the rest of it away.

– Now the tricky bit…Stretch the spring at one end, then bend it so that there is a loop in the metal. Wrap the loop around the piece of flint. This may seem a little difficult at first but with a little practice becomes second nature! (You have to have a lot of time on your hands…)

– Close the curtains.

– Take the other lighter and, whilst holding the spring with your other hand, heat the flint until it glows orange.

– QUICK!!!! Turn off the lights and throw the glowing flint at your hard surface!

– Marvel at your exploding, sparkling, indoor firework display (and blind dog).

3 – Variations
There are many variations to this little…’trick’…but one of my personal favourites involves enlisting the help of a friend and a can of ‘Haze’ or any flammable liquid. Spray a puddle on the floor where you’re going to throw the flint and then get the crazy hell away from it!

4 – Warnings
Please bear in mind that this article is only here for instructional purposes etc. and you shouldn’t try it yada yada yada but seriously the biggest warning I have is choosing your location to perform this amazing stunt. Friends can get pissed off if you explode on their computer, for example, as the residue from it (it just wipes off!) can look pretty nasty at first…Oh well, friendships are made to be destroyed I suppose…

5 – Thanks
This instructional article could not have been made possible without the help of Matias Ristimaki and his crack Finnish military training. Also thanks to Greg for his donation of an experimental explosion zone in his room, and to Warwick Uni accomodation services, Cryfield Halls 1 and 2.

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