Me, Ben, Sam, Ali, Dave and Greg played pool for
the Reindeer tonight – I have added all of the info to emphasise the
fact that we won 7 (yes SEVEN) games to 0 (NIL). Ben reckoned it was
the first time the team had won 7-0 (and it’s only the second time i’ve
ever played, and I have an 100% record…I don’t mean to brag but…(EvilOli: Shut the fuck up!)…sorry…

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll post my first little article, instructions for
making a little ‘indoor firework display’ out of a disposable cigarette
lighter. The reason why it is in my mind is that when we left the pub
we all went to Greg’s place and I did this (controlled) explosion on
his computer table…he wasn’t best pleased.

Watched ‘Dude, Where’s My Car’ again today – I think that’s 5 times now
in about 20 days, a new record for me I think. I don’t know what keeps
me watching it because it isn’t exactly critically brilliant but shit
it is funny.

Yasmin Bleeth is in the shit. Drugs kill, kids. (EvilOli: No comment.)

Tony’s got a big-ass scar from his pendicitis (sp?), I have informed
him of his obligation to get a tattoo which reads ‘Thug Life’ over it,
he is thinking it over.

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