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Well my book, ‘The Satanic Verses’ by Salman Rushdie arrived this
morning, the 20th of Septemeber, at around 8am. A very good service by Amazon I reckon.
reading it to look at both sides of the religious story in my ongoing
quest to find the truth in our ever evolving socio-political
environment (EvilOli: Nurse! We’re losing him…).

I think that a lot of people could do with reading a few verses of the Qu’ran (EvilOli:
Or the Bible(!)) before condemning people based upon the mass media’s
interpretation of their belief systems. Attempting to learn from
others, even if you begin with a cynical point of view, is better than
swallowing whatever Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, George W. Bush or even *cough* Tony Blair serves up for you.
opinion is dedicated to Mandeep ‘Reuben’ Tiwana, may all of your Gods
bless him and his little vices (alcoholism, gambling addiction,
paedophilia, hatred of the West, hatred of the East…)

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