Wow – last night was cool! Watched WWF unforgiven at Tony’s place, and it was sweeeet. Why not CLICK HERE to find out why I’m still the KING of PPV!!! Also have a look at:
Wrestleline’s Scott Keith Rant for Unforgiven

Big News!
I was hungry at 3am this morning, so I went to get a penguin from Tony’s kitchen (he was asleep). I tiptoed past his dog (EvilOli:
Bastard canine from Hell) to get my mits on the beautiful chocolate
snack when I heard on the radio that SAS troops were in Afghanistan,
had circled the mountin hideout of Osama Bin Laden and were ready to
‘pluck’ him out of his abode whenever George W. Bush said ‘Make it
so!’. How suprised was I when, on returning home today at 12pm, to find
not a mention of this on Teletext, Ceefax or on the ITN or BBC news!!!
Weird huh?

So was it a cover-up? Was it a top-level conspiracy? (EvilOli: Or was it the crack that you were smoking earlier in the night?) Whatever it was, wait and see what transpires – my conspiracy theory is that the SAS are
in Afghanistan, but haven’t got the proper international permissions to
kidnap someone who they may have little evidence against…So they’ll
wait (they’ll probably snatch Uncle Bin Laden as well) until they have got permission, then the news reports will return as if these events are happening in the future.

You heard it here first folks…

(EvilOli: I think I saw that on X-Files once, actually…)

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