Claire – You leave with nothing.
Claire feels gutted. Shame.

Going to watch Scary Movie 2 tonight – it’s gonna be sweeet. We’re being blessed with an appearance from Skipper (EvilOli:Andrew Savage a.k.a Mr.Bitter a.k.a Scadbad a.k.a Clues a.k.a Scruffy Bastard).

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X-Fire Update
Ben and I are watching this new program on Channel 4, ‘X-summat’ (EvilOli:
It’s called X-fire you pair of twats). It looks like it’s the best
program of all time…except the commentator is a dick. It’s a bit like
Gladiators but with paintball instead of pugil sticks and
Little Yin is the queen of this program…Check out the link:

X-Fire live with + JME

X-Fire LIVE!
18:40 – The team are going for the ‘EXTREME’ difficulty level! Guess what? They suck so they’ll all die quickly….
18:41 – Clawz is guarding the stairs…Slightly Aryian looking Helmet is in the final room (EvilOli:
Can we say gas chamber?)…Little Yin is floating around…Morgan (the
black guy) seems to be taking orders from everyone…I hate racial
18:40 – Hellmut has killed everyone but 1…ha ha ha…
– The sexy ladies smoke Mazza’s candy a$$ and we’re officially the
WORST TEAM EVER to play this game – and they’re the only one!

It doesn’t really seem to work in text format…

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