First the non-WTC related links…
Lawmakers request encryption backdoor – Scary story regarding the confidentiality of your emails
Aussie Women Nude! – It’s not what you think. Sorry.
CRZ’s WWF Raw Report
Legal Fight Begins by man in Millionaire Quiz scandal

Obligatory WTC Links
MJ returns to play for Washington Wizards
Telethon raises $150m That’s 0.15% of the military response cost…
Crosses found on site of WTC
– I really hope the rescuers didn’t meditate for too long at these
‘miracles’. I find a certain hypocrisy in celebrating religious
fanaticism on one hand, and punishing it when it doesn’t apply to your
own values.
18 Guys Who Shook The WorldDamning article on the WTC attack, including the (EvilOli: CLASSIC) quotation ‘(Bush is) the empty-headed embodiment of our national cluelessness’. Ouch.
Nervous Japanese seek shelter underground – I knew that nuclear bunker would come in handy.
September 11th will always be remembered for 1 thing – It was National (US) 911 day! I wonder if this rip-snorter of a story was accessed many times that day…

Oh i nearly forgot…
Rainbow – TV Program for children of all ages.

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