I heard this expression on an X-Files
episode once, about when people are abducted by aliens and they just
think that they’ve been passed out somewhere instead of being probed by

Well it’s 18:06 on Saturday and I haven’t packed yet, I’m leaving on my
day-long voyage to Grenoble at the foot of the French Alps tomorrow at
5:00, so maybe I should get to it! It was a little strange saying
goodbye to everyone, but good that I know I am going somewhere that is
cool (in more ways than one!).

A brief synopsis of the last 3 days – Thursday night, Airport bar, Union, International Induction Week Heat, Massage, 2.5hrs sleep, Breakfast, Leamington, 10 pin bowling, KFC, Pub at Skydome, Cinema (The Score), Chilli Con Carne, Union, Airport, Baby B, Pepper Vodka,
Tescos, J’s place, 6 hours sleep, International Student Basketball
Tournament, Caf� Xanana, More b-ball, Costcutter, Piazza, HOME!

Oh – That’s why i’m so DAMN TIRED! (EvilOli: Not to mention BROKE.)

I met some really cool Freshers, it’s a shame that I won’t be here
(however in the same vein they won’t be going to a town with 35,000
students either HAHAHAHA). Special mentions to insanemadcrazy dancing
Fong (sp?) and of course Sarah Lim(no B).

HOLY SHIT – I jusyt read that the Artful Dodger is playing at the
Warwick Fresher’s ball – so they decide to pick this year to start
being good do they!? Bastards.

I’m going to try to do some packing – maybe I’ll come back later to do a post-packing+bath update. Or maybe not.

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