I’ve been reading for the last week

Well i’m in france and nobody warned me about the totally SCREWED
keyboards they have here…Just take the ‘regular’ one (i’m so racist
ha ha ha ha!!!!!!) and then drop and then play musical chairs with the
keys and you’ll be close. Hell.

I must say that Grenoble as a city (or town or whatever) is heavenly.
Imagine the scene: Girls. All hot. Need I continue? (for the ladies
reading this, there’s lots of…errr…horses n stuff…) The weather
is very hot at the moment, sunny all day every day, it’s strange to
write but true…

Ok my appartment: amazing. There’s a big a$$ fridge, two ring hob and
la pi�ce de r�sistance…a view of the most beautiful mountains i’ve
ever seen (EvilOli:
STOP NOW FAGBOY!) It rules. My compadres Joss and Nicole are living
about 10 mins away so that’s cool…they took a couple of days to
settle in but now they’re loving it loving it (sorry)…

The uni has next to no computers which is a bit crap – i might get a phone line in my room, not sure how much yet (EvilOli: Why not look here dickead?). Whatever, my doses of cybershite will be less probably…

I was expecting that since I hadn’t seen any news for the last 6 days,
when I looked the war on TeRroRiSm would be over, instead the story was
somewhat similar to EVERY DAY OF THE LAST MONTH, namely that the US is
‘about’ to tell everyone else its evidence re:Bin Laden’s
involvment…and Elvis’s disappearance…Grassy Knoll…Area 51…For
now let’s just concentrate on what we DO know:

Weather Delays Raising of the Kirsk – How bad can the rain be at the bottom of the sea?
Nuclear plant given go-ahead in Sellafield – Can’t wait to come home guys! (EvilOli: Because France has no nuclear aspirations…)
Bush endorses Palestinian State

I love you all!

(EvilOli: And your sisters and mothers…)

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