Yo i’m fishin’!!! Check it out here (Sorry…Bad Joke)
this cyber-caf� is really nice…maybe not somewhere to take over the
entire world, but this r�gion will be putty in my hands. My current
p-i-c (Partner In Crime) Joss and I will own this town in roughly 2
days such is the ease with which wehave slipped into life here.
went to watch a film last night IN FRENCH. I know, bow down. Actually
(if I can be serious for ONE second please) it was pretty good AND it
helps understand the language in its practical use (EvilOli: And those two honez you were with…)

Dieu est grand, je suis toute petite on IMDB

My first screw up here is forgetting (EvilOli:
For ‘forget’ read: Being a lazy bastard) to get my E128 form from
England (used to be called E111). You kinda need it to get EVERYTHING
which is unfortunate but not deadly, hopefully if my dad’s reading this
(likelihood = 2%), he’ll call up the office in Newcastle and send me a
form. Otherwise, I’ll see you in court, or on Yahoo! news with:

Russian Plane Crash May Be Terrorism
cracks me up (not the content, the handling of the event)…Firstly it
*may* be terroism or it may not, but I bet Nottinghan Forest won’t have
a minute of silence before their match pour penser � the grief of the
Russian families…
UK campaigners call for anti ‘anti-rip’ CD day of action
– I’ll be there…campaigning against these disgusting hackers who are
ruining the record industry…Oh, it’s pro-hackers…crap…

I need a shower…

That’ll do nicely…

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