Well lectures started yesterday – quite apt
considering the bombing started as well…sort of like how my mind is
feeling after a week of straight partying (trans:interacting with the
natives)…Let me also tell you that (although I would never condone
such actions) the French are absolute STONERS. I am not kidding.

Nicole and I went out the other night to town, started talking with a
fat French dude and ended up 45 minutes away in the local
superclub…It’s a shame I destroyed all of my Hard House CDs (ha!) or
I might have enjoyed it more…

We have also been frequenting the London Pub a little too much…a
place where the Brits go who don’t want to speak any French (thus it’s
quite well populated)…

Oh yeah and well done to England the other day…We watched the match
in (where else but) an Irish pub (I nearly puked because the Guinness
tasted like shoe polish)…


I finally met someone who lives in my hall, Cédric, and he seems like a
pretty cool guy, hopefully he won’t start any funny business like one
of my LAST flatmates (selling crack to kids, mass homicides etc)…

Hope everyone remembers that today is National (Worldwide?) KEEP IT REAL day…

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