Yeah well I don’t like to brag HAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT so I’ve got a job…DJing in a bar. So it’s not
somewhere that’ll be listed in just yet but
still it’s a really great place, the staff and boss is(are?) really
cool, and yesterday was the first day – there were probably 150 people
in there listening to me feeding them the classics…’Simon Says’,
‘Forgot about DRE’, ‘It’s Not Unusual’…it was megacool, plus I got
On the downside of life, we got a bill today (in UK) for
£200 for the old gas bill. Shite. Mike and Amar better take note that
I’m coming for the money…

I’m tired.

Going to the cinema again tonight, but the culture level might be a tad lower than the last visit because:
a) I’ve seen the film before
b) It’s in English with French subtitles

…but still it’s a start, right? RIGHT?

I haven’t seen any news recently, but I’ve started to get some sort of
skin infection and all of my blood’s turned black. I think I might be
coming down with someth…..


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