This is so annoying…See I have to buy these
little top up shits for my electricity to continue to function, but as
I am me I kind of forgot and today the lights went out. And the hot
water. And the fridge. Shite. Have to go to some weird place to buy new
ones (and I tried to go today but their offices were shut – 45 minutes
walking well spent)…

Tonight’s the second night DJing in the bar…hope it’ll be good
because last week is a lot to live up to. All drinks are 10francs (6.5
Euros) (�1) so expect chaos if it gets busy…

I managed to enrol in an Italian course by convincing the woman that my
French was so bad that I couldn’t understand the word ‘Jeudi’ when she
said that all sign-ups were last week. Sweet.

The cool people at Uni are beginning to show themselves more and
more…and plus my talents are being recognised as they deserve to
be…I was simply walking with a basketball yesterday and a guy stopped
me and asked if I wanted to play for the University team. On further
examination however it isn’t quite as flattering because the team has
about 7 volunteers so far. Oh well…

If I remember anything else I’ll put it here…

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