Well Mr DJ..

Yeah I
did feel like a little bit of a dickhead when I opened my bag to find
the WRONG BOX OF MINIDISCS last night in the bar…luckily we had a
backup load of CDs but it pissed me off. The night went well though,
the bar was rammed from 9.30 till 12.00 and full before and after that.
I can’t wait to get my CDs from home for next semestre’s work there, it
should be pretty sweet…

Oh yeah, then the night went from good to excellent when I went with an
Italian girl and 2 Spaniards (1m 1f) to a bar called ‘Le Vieux Manoir’,
and the night ended extremely strangely when I ended up in a single bed
with a bottle of tequila and two other people…I’ll let your
imaginations do the rest…

I’m going to hopefully watch American Pie 2 tonight with a Canadian
called Zotos (how cool?!?!) and a girl from South America…Full
details to come…

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