Well the French aren’t all bad after all…today
there were no classes because everybody in the Uni went on strike. Why?
Was it the Afghan crisis, world hunger, pollution levels…? No, it was
For some reason a lot of gypsies live near campus and the
students have had enough so they’re forcing them out (I suppose,
although why me not going to class would make a gypsy move ‘house’ I
don’t know)….ANYWAY…

Last night I got quite drunk because George, an Irish guy who also
works at Bar Notre Dame, thought it would be wise to play drinking
games with a bottle of spirits each. I got lucky and got Tequila (not
the 50% rum) but still it was rough and this morning I felt a bit

I hate having time limits on the internet…I think I’m going to get a phone line put in my appartment…

Tonight Carla, an Italian girl who speaks better English, French,
Spanish and Italian than me, is cooking me dinner…hopefully I won’t
feel the aftershocks from the Jose Cuervo while I’m at her place!

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