So tonight I’m djing the SWEDISH party at
the bar…could life be any better? Well yes, actually, but only if I
had pulled the French girl last Friday…it seemed to be all going to
plan up until this weird looking guy turned up who looked like a
boyfriend-type (no game, no moves, no life) so I backed off…so then
she came over to dance with me but whenever she got close I didn’t want
to spank it…erm…I mean dance closely with her due to this dude’s
presence RIGHT THERE. Annoying. But it’s all good now, I’m going to get
me some Scandinavi-ass tonight (I apologise for that last comment).

Still have no student loan so I can’t buy a coat (believe me, now I REALLY need one). Hopefully in a couple of weeks…

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  1. Hehe you should have smacked that anyway. If he said anything all you have to say is oh I’m sorry i didn’t think she had a boyfriend cause she was allover me…

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