Yeah so I haven’t logged since Tuesday, that’s odd…This is what’s been going down…

on Tuesday night the Swedish party was really cool, lots of (fit)
girls, lots of guys looking for (fit) (Swedish) girls and basically a
lot of fun. But no action. So on Thursday night it was another party
and I was really up for making this one good and I think it went pretty
well…then disaster struck! One of my good friends was sort of pissed
off at her boyfriend so she thought she’d take advantage of me by
kissing me! Being the strong willed 21st century man that you all know
and love (IPs baby) I took her outside and gave in.
next day was amusing…she texted me asking if we had kissed (I, of
course, told her that it was I who had taken advantage of her to save
her blushes) and then we went out Friday night (with BOTH of the
Italian girls that I had had intimate relations with in the past.
So we end up in this nightclub which is playing some
Reggae stuff, not bad, but it is 5am and I am a tired mofo…then
disaster #2! One of the girls (Italian) who I kissed told me she had
something important to tell me, I said ‘what?’, she said ‘this!’ and
kissed me! I was a little shocked (naturally) so I only went along with
it for about 5 minutes before stopping the lunacy (the fact was that
the other Italian and the Mexican from Thursday were standing RIGHT
THERE). Ohmondieu! Anyway I managed to escape, took the tram home at
5:30am and was in the pub at 3pm ready to watch England beat the
Aussies in the rugby, Ireland beat Iran in the football and France pull
one out of their arse against South Africa. What a strange day.

Well I didn’t mean to write much but there it is, for those who are
following long running storylines the hotgirl from Friday nights wasn’t
there last Friday so I couldn’t make any ground with her…but it’s
always good to have one on the back burner, right?

Other news…I missed some classes today…i’m in training for Ramadan
by not drinking so I felt ill this morning (lack of alcohol in the
blood). Doh.

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