Here’s the funny stuff that you all come here for:

16 Nov, Fri, 20:33:05 Google: superted pics
17 Nov, Sat, 01:52:36 Yahoo: www.wwf sunny nude
17 Nov, Sat, 11:58:30 Yahoo: raising the kirsk
19 Nov, Mon, 03:46:49 Yahoo: afghanistan women nude pic
19 Nov, Mon, 17:12:18 Google: pics of clawz and little yin from x fire
19 Nov, Mon, 17:27:08 Google: x-fire clawz
20 Nov, Tue, 01:22:32 Google: osama dickead picture
20 Nov, Tue, 16:52:48 Google: pictures of Victoria climbie
21 Nov, Wed, 07:56:22 Google: “kate sanderson” nude

not kidding if I find the person who keeps putting Kate Sanderson Nude,
with or without speech marks, I’ll break their bones into dust and use
it to make an iced latte…

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