So it’s still Ramadan but I have encountered a new problem…well two problems, one old and one new.
old one is that I find it very difficult (read: impossible) to wake up
at 6am to eat…and even if I could wake up then I couldn’t eat anything
anyway because I just feel sick. The second problem is that now I have
given up drinking and smoking I find it VERY difficult to sleep…last
night I lay awake until 5am unable to sleep and being annoyed about not
being able to sleep. Oh well, I’ll have to find some other nocturnal
activities (which don’t infringe on any other Ramadan rules!)…

News? Well I have had two exams this week…one in translation class
(English to French) and I just finished one in grammar class (French
grammar). They weren’t very hard. I have come to realise that it’s not
so hard being an Erasmus student (he he he).

We might go snowboarding on Sunday for the first time. Sweet. We have to rent the stuff first though, but it should be cool.

Regarding the girl I kissed last Thursday…kinda funny…she shares a
class with the semi-crazy Italian girl and she’s been getting a number
of evil glares from her, and on Saturday night she called her a bitch
in a bar….Now I know I shouldn’t laugh but this kind of thing has
never happened to me before so I am allowed to be a little amused (even
though I wish it weren’t the case). We’ll see what goes down. Oh yeah
the Mexican chickita split up with her boyfriend. He he he.

I bought an expresso machine!!! It did cost a lot (40 quid) but it does
have a cappucino attachment and a regular coffee percolator. Cool!!!

For all of the people in the world who know Marlini (the majority I
think) she’s coming to visit on the 30th so if you have any gifts for
me (OH COME ON PEOPLE!!!) then give them to her so that she gets
stopped at customs…It’d be funny, admit it…

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