Hmm…what else…Ramadan is now in full swing and
I’m quite used to it now…it’s a bit strange because not eating
becomes less of an issue the longer it continues…now instead of
thinking (for example) that it’s time for lunch, I think that it’s time
to *do* something…One of my major problems is that in France the
shops take massive lunch breaks so I can’t check out the town while
everyone else is eating.

I’ve made friends with two girls from my Italian class which is pretty
sweet…One’s French but North African, the other is French but is
actually half Spanish, quarter French, eighth Italian and an eighth
Egyptian! Cool mixture. Last night we were in this girl’s room when the
French equivalent of Going For Gold was on telly so we had to
watch…some things are just top quality in any language…

Ok i’m off, look after your pets because it’s christmas soon…

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