Well I’d like to be able to tell
you guys about the nightclub, the new phone line or the two films, but
unfortunately there’s a nightmare journey of Epic proportions taking

So my friend was coming to visit last Friday night from London…she
bought her ticket a couple of weeks ago and up until, well Friday,
everything was going fine. Then…the journey disaster from hell on

– The busride which usually takes 10 mins in London takes 40
– The train is late to the airport
– The plane leaves without its full compliment of passengers

– An attempt to get Eurostar fails on the basis that the stupid assistant has never heard of Grenoble
– No airplane tickets in the morning
– Flight arrives Lyon at 8.30pm
– Bus to Lyon arrives (ON TIME!) at 9.30pm

It seems that the problems have finished, right? WRONG!!!

– I put her on a train to Lyon
– Train arrives 15 minutes late
– No free Ryanair buses to St Etienne airport
– No coaches to airport
– No trains to airport
– Taxi driver agrees to drive to airport for �30

Taxi driver promptly takes the poor girl (who speaks very little
french) somewhere TOTALLY different, takes her money and leaves her
– The plane leaves without its full compliment of passengers (again)
– She goes back to Lyon airport
– And she’s now on the way back here (to my appartment in Grenoble).

Oh my god. What a nightmare.

But apart from that it was a nice weekend.

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