Oh shit I nearly forgot to tell the story of
Thursday night…man it was so cool. First of all the dream team worked
in Notre Dame (Joss, George the moaning Irish + Me), and the night was
a real banger…We’ve really started to have some great regulars in the
place (when I say ‘Great’, I mean ‘Fit’). So the music was going down
like a ho at a house party (trans:Smoothly) and everyone was getting
high on the ambiance and atmosphere (and potent cocktails that J+G were
serving up…)…I was running on some potent drugs that I bought from
the pharmacy which are loosely (around 200%) based on caffeine…wowzer
they worked well!

So Franck picked me up in his new VW Golf (namedrop) at 1.15am and we
set off towards Switzerland…there were two other guys in the car who
I hadn’t met (Julian and Henry, I think) and Charlie, Franck’s
sidekick…ANYWAY…the atmosphere in the car was great…my cocktail
of orangejuice and tablets was going down a treat (it’s strictly legal,
ok kids?) and we were listening to Jay-Z’s 3rd album (I think) but
whichever it was it was hothothot and got us i nthe mood for some Big

Upon arrival at Macumba(dotnet) I was shocked at just how big the place
was…It really does have 13 rooms and it really is the absolute
daddy…We went onto the main dancefloor just as the shite music was
finishing and the real, real good stuff was going down…The DJ was
from the group called 45 Scientific, these french badboy rappers who
promptly came out onto the stage and ripped it up for an hour or more
with some great stuff…even though it was after 3am everyone went
crazy for them! When they left the party started to wind down in the
main room so we went to another, more relaxed area where they were
playing some chilling R+B…comfy chairs…good music….nice…

At 6am it was time to go (6.15 i’ll be kicking her out) and Franck
managed to drive home (it took 3.5 hours because we didnt take the
motorway on the way back) without falling asleep (although he did stop
half way and start doing starjumps at the side of the road, much to the
amusement of the passers by). It’s a strange world / but you’ll never
see / what the world is like / through the eyes of an IP…

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