Yo I bought the snowboard, it’s 160cm long
and has a nice bag to cover it. I feel like such a newbie talking about
it because I really don’t know about them but hey….It says Rossignol
on it, I think that’s the brand (ok i’m not *that* thick, it is the
…And I’m testing it out tomorrow!!! I can’t wait!!! This
week hopefully I’ll be pretty good by Monday (please rearrange this
sentence to form a well-known phrase or saying) because I’m going to go
3 times (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday). I can’t wait to be good at

Friend Update
Ok for those following the developing situation
of my friend who came to stay who had the nightmare transport
weekend…Well when she got home…She was mugged in the street (I’m
not kidding) and had her brand new Nokia 8310 was stolen. There’s no
justice in the world…That phone was a beautiful thing…

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