Hmmm I don’t think there’s much news (which probably means
I’ll end up writing loads)…Just finished work and am now home in bed
eating cheese strings (thanks Marlini) and a brie sandwich (thanks
Géant) and drinking tea (thanks Tetley). Not drinking FUCKS YOU UP…it
turns you into a boring, lifeless, no-partying loser (i’m only half
joking). Not really, but still it’s annoying when your friends are all
going out and seem to genuinely want you to come and you respond ‘Yeah,
of course!’ when you know you have no intention of actually going. It’s
really fake. At the moment my idea of relaxing is in bed rather than at
a club or bar…it’s a different culture…Do I prefer it? I don’t
know…I don’t think so…

Going rock climbing tomorrow…that’ll be interesting (because I’ve
seen worms with more upper-body strength than me). Oh well…We’re
going with the Swedish climbing group which should be interesting to
say the least…

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