Ho ho ho so I went rock climbing yesterday…first of
all let me say that if you are ever going to try this sport then do
make the effort and enlist the help of swedish girls…they really do
make the experience a LOT more fun. Watching girls climbing up walls is
quite special…

…however actually doing it yourself is a totally different
experience. Obviously we started on the easiest climb and it started
off very well, until the moment when I looked down at the girl who was
holding my (who basically had my life in her hands) and I
wondered how, if I made it to the top, I would be able to get down. She
replied ‘I’ll bring you down, don’t worry’…but this didn’t really
convince me and a cold fear gripped my body. I told her that, just to
check that there’ll be no problems, she should bring me down now (I was
halfway up), and to my relief it was a totally painless
experience…floating down the wall. Then I went back up it again and
it was more fun because I had more confidence in not dying, and I got
to the top ok.

Oh yeah and if you’re ever going to go climbing in France and you’ve
got big feet then bring your own shoes. I had to wear my massive
DCShoeCo skating shoes because they didn’t have any of those climbing
pixie boots in a 47 or 48. Doh!

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