Yo so Joss and I went
into Quick restaurant (I don’t think I’d offend anyone here by saying
that it’s the French McDonalds) for a quick bite to eat at 5pm
yesterday…if the truth is to be told we were drawn into the place by
the promise of 2 free Batman badges with our super-hero-maxi-meal
(great!)…so we go up to the counter and BOOM!

—There she was—

…This girl was working behind the counter and DAMN this girl was
fine. So we start chatting with her (even though the queue is massive),
joking around, asking for more badges and free t-shirts…all harmless
fun. Anyway, so we go off to eat and when we’re finished (two
fishburgers, chips, 2 wonderwoman cheese stars, coke) I decide to buy a
café (coffee) to have with my Superman chocolate brownie. I went back
down to the checkout but the lovely Mariana (namebadge) was standing on
the *wrong* side of it….

….So I start to ask her what she’s doing on the wrong side of the
counter, and she answers that she’s just about to take her break. We
chitchat for about 4 seconds before we both realise we’re falling in
love, and she promptly comes to sit with Joss and me for her whole
HOUR of break. At the end of the break she gives me her number and says
she’d like to see us (me (sorry Joss)) again…I say cool…

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