Yikes! I went snowboarding for the 3rd time
today – I actually made it to the bus on time – and it was pretty cool.
There weren’t any lessons unfortunately, which turned out to be a real
shame because I didn’t feel like I really learned much today, I am
still making the same faults as I was last time, but I saw my teacher
from lesson 2, Ti-Ti, on the bus and he said he’s give me a lesson on
Wednesday if I wanted. Sweet.

What was really cool was that I went on my own (in that I didn’t really
know anyone else who was going especially) but it turned out that some
of my really good friends were there, including the lovely Marie who I
spent most of the afternoon with on the various slopes. We also took
this little train ride thing up to the snow park where all of the jumps
/ half-pipes etc are and it was amazing to see some of the stuff the
guys were doing. It really motivates you to want to learn when you see
others doing such cool stuff!

On the subject I think i’m going to make a little snowboard subsection
to Oliworld.co.uk, not only for the public’s interest (I know you love
me!) but for my own personal record of what i’m learning just so that
everytime i am in bed with an aching bum-bone and nearly broken thumb
(like now) I can look back at how much better I am now than I was jsut
a few days/weeks/months before. Or maybe I’ll just make the page,
update it once and then forget about it. We’ll see….

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