Went to see The Curse of the Jade Scorpion at the cinema with Nolan the Canadian playboy ™. It’s the new film
written, directed and starring Woody Allen and was really, really
funny. It had so many classic lines in it that when we left the cinema
we could hardly remember a single one – it’s like they were coming so
fast you could only store them in short term memory…

– I wouldn’t try and kiss you if we were marooned on a desert island for 20 years!
– We would never last 20 years on a desert island because after 20 minutes I would make a bow and arrow and shoot you!

Maybe it’s a case of ‘you had to be there’ but if you’ve seen the film you’ll laugh your a$$ off…

Also today I had an Italian exam and it went terribly well…no, wait,
it went terribly. God bless the University of Warwick for not forcing
us to get any sort of great results in our exams here…

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