Yo well it’s all going down at the moment…Last
Tuesday was a quiet night at work, we were all falling asleep around
11:30pm, mentally preparing to go home when *BANG* into the bar walk 20
Swedish girls (I kid you not), all drunk, all with a seemingly
insatiable desire to dance! Too good. They just went wild, and Joss and
I agreed that it was the greatest moment of all time.

Wednesday night (last night) was pretty sweet…we went to watch the
Fulham v Liverpool game (that wasn’t the highlight, the match was
boring) but the atmosphere was really great in the pub…a really
Christmasy feeling.
that we went over to some girls’ house and it was really
civilized…there were about 8 of us (notably they were not from my
faculty, they were from a really, really good one) and we chatted until
around 4am, when we went to a French guy’s place to sleep…

3 hours later

…we had to wake up to go to class because we had an exam this morning
at 8:30am. Shiznit. It went ok, and so I went home, paid my rent and
went to sleep until 5pm…

…So then I ate.

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