Aaahhhh…I just got back from a night out at a
club called ‘Baobub’ or something…My friend Franck the DJ was
playing…it was a weird night, I guess there weren’t enough people
there really so the atmosphere was a bit crap (there were maximum 50
people there, and the space could have fit 250 I reckon). Oh well…the
night wasn’t a total failure because we had an absolute BaNgEr in Notre
Dame, I think it was the best night in terms of people and consumption
(not the disease) that we’ve had so far (although I did get pissed off
with people who kept banging into me and knocking the cd players etc.).

…I think tomorrow (today) is going to be the second to last day of
fasting, so that’s some good (?) news. It’s going to be weird to wake
up on Sunday and be able to have a coffee in bed…I wonder how many
days I will actually appreciate it for…

…I sent out an email to my email contact list and it was nice to hear
from some people who I haven’t heard from in a while (Finland
rules!)…I hope everyone around the globe wherever you are is keeping
it crazy real…And so to bed…

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