Well Ramadan finishes tomorrow…the end
of fasting, the beginning of Eid celebrations etc. In some respects it
seems like just yesterday that I was beginning the fast…but when I
concentrate it seems like a very, very long month.
Perhaps it’s the
fact that I have never, since the age of, I estimate, 16 years old,
gone without alcohol for a month. Perhaps it’s that I didn’t have
anyone *really* who I was doing it with for support. Or perhaps it’s
that I’ve never done anything of this magnitude (days wise) and
actually completed it before.
It was very interesting, both from a
‘makes you think’ angle and a ‘self discipline’ angle…I thought I
would lose weight (perhaps i’m already at critical mass), and I
thought I would suffer from more fatigue which hasn’t materialised
(thankfully)…Overall, I would recommend doing this sort of activity
to everybody…maybe just for one or two days…just to see what it
feels like at 4pm when you are *so* hungry and know there’s an
agonizing 60 minutes before you can eat. It makes you think, and
appreciate simple pleasures a whole lot more.

I also realised that I haven’t had any sexual relations for the month either. Honestly. Damn. It’s bad being good.

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