Joss and George the Whining Irish went
Thai boxing today. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! They were knackered after and
Joss said (and I quote) ‘They made us look like women’. Oh sweetness.
However, J said he’d definitely be going back after Chrimbo because
it’s great exercise. George said ‘I prefer skiing like…’

Tonight we had a great dinner at Joss’s…steak (hallal of course) and
mashed potato. Superb. We then had quite a few beers (including 2 cans
of Boddingtons that I found in Géant…grand…) before going into town
to the Irish pub, and then to the Couche Tard to see the guys’
attacker…erm…I mean trainer from earlier. Joss was a bit down
because he finished his relationship with his girlfriend this evening,
but George cheered everyone up with his tales of genital infection at
the hands of Thai prostitues..nightmare…

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