So last night was the last night at Notre Dame
before the vacation and I thought it would be massive. It turned out to
be a very average night…as Nanou (The owner) put it: ‘It was a night
where very few beautiful girls were here’. Worthy of an honourable
mention on the beautiful front, however, is Shiv…this girl is
absolutely stunning…and if her boyfriend’s arms weren’t thicker than
my waistline I’d go for it…

In other news…I’m going home very soon! Today is Wednesday, we’re
going out for a big night out tonight, and then it’ll be Thursday (and
the day before always goes really quickly) and then it’s Friday (and I
have to get up really early) and that’s it! Wow! This term has flown
by…I was thinking last night how lucky I have been in nearly every
aspect of this stay so far…And a lot of it has to do with working at
Notre Dame. I mean, I’ve met so many people from so many places
(noteable mention: Sweden) PLUS i’ve been financially ‘afloat’ all of
the time. Sweet.

I got to play with my first (not mine) MP3 player yesterday. They’re
cool, don’t get me wrong, but this one had 64mb memory and I’d need
about 640mb if I didn’t want to get bored with it REALLY quickly. Good
novelty value though.

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