I’m sitting in bed and there’s quite a
lot of smoke around me. I’m still trying to piece together in my mind
the events of last night which are a bit sketchy to say the least…It
all feels like a bit of a dream…floating from bar to bar…going to
friend’s houses for 4:20…back to bars…on to a club…back to a
Swedish girl’s place…kicked out at 9am into a snowy town…back here

…It could be Lord of the Rings.

George the Whining Irish missed his train back to Ireland this
morning…we sort of forced him to come out with us even though he said
he wanted a quiet night in etc. Sucker. Joss said I was more drunk than
he’d ever seen me last night…I hope I didn’t cause any trouble…

Oh yeah, the smoke’s from the steak which I just ate as my
breakfast…I really need to have some more tips on cooking meat
because it always ends up chargrilled.

Today: Packing, dinner with Niina, sleep…HOME!

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