That is as in ‘My Last Night’ not ‘What happened Last Night’…don’t get excited you perverts.
I just packed and am now ready to go back to England tomorrow…it took
20 minutes to pack…it really is very easy being me. We went out
tonight (against my plans), but it was nice to say goodbye to a few
people (if only goodbye for like 2 weeks).
It was really cool today
when I went to tell my friend Chris (props bro!) something about last
night and he said that he already new what I was going to tell him
because he’d read it here – on OLIWORLD! First with the exclusives
baby!!! It’s nice to feel like someone actually reads this crap.
can’t wait to get back to England just for a few days, I really need to
burn some CDs because i’ve been pretty musicless chez moi this term. Oh
baby my stereo (120w per channel) is at home! Yay!
Oh yeah finally before I go there are a few problems at
at the moment so some people might be having trouble accesing
Oliworld….don’t fret guys…when the Lord closes a door he opens a
Oh I lied about that being the last thing – the last thing
is a point for meditation…An absolute babe just started working
tonight at Notre Dame behind the bar…I think it’ll be my New Year’s
Resolution to integrate myself with her…Next time I write in this, I
will be in England! LATER!

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