Well yesterday I travelled and
travelled and travelled all day….it was quite tiring. I thin it’s
lucky that I don’t get pissed off when travelling anymore (If I was
delayed or whatever I used to get totally psycho)…now when I heard
that my Eurostar had been cancelled I just smiled, sparked a big blunt,
had a beer and chilled out (without the blunt or the beer).
Yeah so
door to door it took me about 13 hours to get home, covering 8
different modes of transport (can you guess them kids?)…happy to be

Then we had a cool dinner before my sister, her mate and one of our
mutual friends (and me of course) went to the pub and got drunk. Sweet.

Funny things
the tram in Grenoble I met James the Barman from Couche Tard…and he
was heading to London as well so we travelled together – sweet! It was
really nice to have someone to chat to at the stations etc (because we
weren’t sitting together, our tickets already had numbers).
-On the
Eurostar *IN MY CARRIAGE* was a girl from Warwick who is spending a
year in Paris who was in a load of my classes last year sweetx2! We
chatted from Paris to Calais and it really made the time fly. Also she
made it clear that everyone taking a year out is having a great time,
not just the Grenoble posse.
-When I got home – I found some videos that I’d ordered…

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