It’s still Christmas Day and it’s all good.
Gifts exchanged at 8am, back in bed at 10am after yummy breakfast, some
guests around for alcohol at 12pm, they leave around 2pm, eat dinner at
3.30pm, back in bed at 4.45 to watch Toy Story…sweet.

Stuff I Gave For Christmas
Daft Punk Triple Vinyl Album Boxset (Sister)
Bottle of Whisky (Dad)
Chocolate Orange (Dad)
Box of 30 Classical music CDs (Mum)

Stuff I Got For Christmas
90 blank CDs
Fake electrical fishtank
Box Cadbury’s Animals
2 Mars bars
Shampoo (Pantene 2 in 1)
�10 HMV voucher
�5 WH Smiths voucher

and I bought myself…

and TechnoEjay2

I’m just watching Eastenders for the first time in forever and Mark
Fowler (I thought he was dead) just proposed to some frizzy bird.
OOOOHHHHH……I just switched over to Home and Away and the weird bird
with the scarred chin (quite fit) just got dissed. It’s a weird world.

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