Ho ho ho today I am back at Warwick Uni for a
little while…I don’t know how long but probably until my welcome has
been worn out (24 hours? 12 hours?)…

I have seen quite a few people already…Amar is his normal psycho self
(he is currently trying to defraud the University of �5000 to go on a
holiday. Great.) What else?

My computer broke yesterday morning which was really annoying because I
had about 5 more CDs to burn to create my master set of music…I have
brought my CDs to Uni and Tunga has already gone sifted through them to
find out that of the 100 discs he likes 2. Hmmm.

Went to the Union last night and it was really strange…goof fun but I
do have that feeling of ‘sameness’ already which isn’t good considering
I have not returned permanently…next year should be interesting to
say the least.

Oh yeah AMAR IS A RETARD (he just majorly put his foot in it with this guy in the computer room).

I tried to suprise Sharada and Tal but neither were here. Doh.

Cholo seems to have improved quite a lot since I was last here, it has
some great flatscreen TVs which play football in the day and adverts at
night (a very intelligent source of income), the Cholo bar sells
Panininininininis (sp?) and coffee and there are new chairs which
aren’t as skanky as the old ones…

I’m going to see the basketball team at 6pm and hopefully J will be
there (I also tried to suprise him but he wasn’t in either. Some people
are so rude.). Ok i’m done…

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