And then the next night it was arse to the
grindstone again with work…it’s going to be great this term because I
have so many new CDs but I was greeted with the ‘great’ news that
Nanou, the owner of Café Notre Dame has had the genius brainwave of now
opening until 2am every night, thus requiring a Herculean 6 hours (8pm
start kids!) music playing on busy nights (other nights I can just get
away with putting on a mix CD and chillin…). Yesterday (Tuesday) was
so absolutely tiring but we got through it I suppose…Tonight I worked
again and it was pretty quiet (read: dead) so that was cool…Plus
Nanou said he would buy a new CD player to replace the one that skips
all of the time (Bart: ‘And monkeys might fly out of my butt’ (or was
it Beavis? I forget…)).

Point of note: Lots of people are only here for a single semester and are leaving soon. That sort of sucks.
Brightside: New influx of chicks! (sorry for the gratuitous male sexually frustrated comment).

I’m sleeping…

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