Before I tell you about the trip to France (oh I
just did, it was that boring (apart from the girl who I *almost* sat
next to from Paris to Grenoble but didn’t :( )) let me tell you about
the absolute GODS at Chartreuse.

Firstly, if you don’t know, Chartreuse is a drink which is really
famous and quite popular in France due to it tasting like shit and
being 55% alcohol. It’s like Absinthe’s handicapped little
sister…ANYWAY – the folks who make it thought it’d be a laugh if they
PAID for ALL of the barmen in Grenoble to go to a BEAUTIFUL SKI STATION in the heart of Alpe d’Huez (or somewhere) and DRINK AND EAT ALL DAY FOR FREE IN THE SUNSHINE…I really can’t EMPHASIZE(sp?) enough how absolutely fucking ace this day was…

10am – arrive. Drink.
– do ‘luge’ which consists of sitting on a giant red plastic saucer (I
couldn’t make this shit up) and surfing down the mountain
12pm – drink
– eat 3 course meal. Salmon salad, Beef in red wine sauce, Dauphinoise
potatoes, redberry gateaux. winebeerwinebeerwinebeerSHOTSOFCHARTREUSE.
2pm – drink
3pm – decide (along with crazy irish girls and Zotos) that it is a good idea to do luge again.
3.05pm – realise it wasn’t
3.06pm – forget it wasn’t and do it anyway
3.30pm – return to bar. drink.
4.30pm – begin to steal items from the bar.
5pm – drink
5.30pm – take swag and 2 bottles chartreuse/vodka mixture onto bus
8pm – arrive in Grenoble. drunk.
8.30pm – go to McDonalds(!)
8.35pm – throw glove at innocent French girl by accident
8.36pm – girl has a go at me. I laugh. If she ever reads this I am really sorry.
10pm – miss last bus. taxi home. sleepsleepsleepforever.
11am – shit. didn’t sleep forever. feel rough as a buzzard’s crutch (badger’s arse).

And that detailed itinerary(sp?) has left out some funny points
including the guy who tried to start a fight with me, George breaking
my nose (almost), the BLATANT RACISM in George and Joss not winning the
luge competition, drunken Matias, gay Ricardo, the crazy Dj, the naked
barmen on the roof of the bar, the ski instructor who George told to
‘fuck off’…indeed a fine day and one that will never be repeated
(Until June when there’s another one!! Woo hoo!!!)

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