So, going to uni for the week was great.
It was so cool to see everyone (even Dave and his horrific porn mag
that he bought from Prague – how he got something so filthy through
customs I will never know!)…Special respect to Sarah
for getting a boyfriend…he’s a brave man…Dalan for being a
P-I-M-P…Amar for being a G-I-M-P…Thomas for the ‘All your bases’
video…Tal for her room…Brian for her bra…Rifki for being still
cool and Rambo for having the best name ever…and of course to
everyone else coz they seem to be keeping it real which is great…

Oh shit may I say Mr.Thing at Mojo on Thursday was the best night
musically I’ve ever had at Uni…every single song was amazing and the
mixing was just wicked. Ante Up Jamie?

Cokctails with Amar, J and the economics posse (sorry, I just want to
be accepted) was a real treat, except even with 5 uni students from a
variety of cultural, religious and philosophical backgrounds we still
couldn’t win the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ jackpot. Maybe it was
the White Russians…

Soul Nation on Friday was sweet too…I think it was the Kix 96 dj who
is going to be playing at One World Week (dot net) as he did seem to
like the sound of his own voice (no Uni dj would dare speak as much as

Grrrrrr…I hate it when I don’t update the site and then forget cool
stuff that happened. Oh well, just take my word for it, I bet loads of
really cool other things happened…

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