Has turned? Or maybe it’s just a special case, but
tonight I thought that business in the bar was really good…and Nanou
(the owner) paid us each (me, Joss and George the whining, pissing on
bars Irish) 40euros! How cool! That’s roughly �26.66 which is still
only �4.44 an hour (about the same as Marlini(!)) but still it’s better
than a poke in the eye with George’s pistol…

Joss was first to point out, and now I see what he means, that the
atmosphere in Grenoble seems to have changed a little from how it was.
The people seem less likely to let themselves totally go and really
have hardcore nights out. Maybe it’s a mixture of exams and ‘focus’
beaten into them by their parents when they went home for Christmas. Or
maybe it’s because I haven’t drunk anything for 4 days and the alcohol
void has created a depression of despotic proportions….poetry.

Oh yeah and it looks like there’s a rival DJ in town…Meghan the
westside ryder seems to think she’s going to be able to beat me in a
soundclash – HAHAHAHA. We’ll see….

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