The dream continued today…

I was robbed this evening. Robbed of two hours of my life by a film so
boring that I would have prefered to watch Man U win a football
match…The travesty in question is called The Others
and stars Nicole Kidman who seems to have lost the ability to act. I
can’t even be bothered to summarise(sp?) or anything, if you’re
interested go have a look at the site (I’m sure it’s better than the
fucking film)…

ANYWAY, things of note….I’m going to go to Paris on Saturday
hopefully to watch some weird Irish team called Munster play
rugby…should be interesting (apart from the two hours watching the
match)…I have to find Dominique’s e-mail address to we can hook up
(not like that) in town…

Also I got my Qu’ran back (I leant it to someone who thought he might
be converted but then he decided Budhism is the true way…Each to his
own I guess).

It’s great to miss a few of CRZ’s wrestling recaps just so you can sit down and read 4 in a row!!! Grand (phrase TM George the Whining Bar Pissing Irish).

Tuesday. Snowboarding. Maybe.

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