…a day makes. 24 little hours…

I think today was quite a pivotal day. For one, it was a great
day…what did I do? First of all, I woke at 2pm after a good long
sleep, although I felt a bit hung over (I don’t know why either coz I
didn’t go out yesterday much, maybe it is a cold I’m getting ANYWAY…)
and I went into town (after paying my rent – they sent me a letter
today saying that if I didn’t pay it today I would be evicted – the
joke is that there was no reason why I didn’t pay other than that I
forgot. Doh!) to have a coffee…but Joss was nowhere to be seen!
problem was that he had an exam – I didn’t, and I was left to fend for
myself. Luckily I bumped into Ruaidhri (or Ruadihri, I can’t remember –
It’s pronounced RORY anyway…) and we had a coffee, I watched as his
friends had a spliff (in the dodgiest of car parks in the whole of
France) and then went to the Boite a Sardines for another drink
(nice…). Joss arrived and more beverages followed, which leas to the
promise of an evening meal at J’s before going out. We bought some
great steak (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and potatoes (for J’s speciality (s)mashed
spuds) and went to his place.
Then it happened.
Into J’s hall
walked a tall, tanned, beautiful girl. Her name is Kale (I think,
pronounced Kay-la) and she’s Mexican. And she’s gorgeous. We started
chatting, we invited her into the kitchen for a chat, she relaxed a
bit, we played cards, drank…..did I mention she’s gorgeous?
Anyway….she’s coming out with us tomorrow night so we will see….

Then we went to Notre Dame for a quick drink, only to find the
beautiful Dutch girl Lotte ready for a chat, and a new group of
Americans who seemingly needed to be chatted up (I am such a
loser)…anyway THEY’re coming in tomorrow as well (it’s really shaping
up to be a BaNgEr!!!).

I can’t wait!

ps, I have an exam tomorrow. Shit.

pps, Tony the Playboy is going to buy a house. Amazing. He’s younger than me! Playboy Mansion baby….

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