Paris is the shiznit!!! I just got back this
evening…wow I thought that it was going to be a fun weekend but HOT
DOG it was great…Re-rewind, the crowd say BO SELECTA…

So Friday night me and Joss both worked, finished at 2.45am and went
back to his place (it’s easier for the tram in the morning). Anyway we
couldn’t get to sleep so we stayed up and studyed a bit of 4:20 with
some guys on his corridor before finally sleeping at 4.30am. Big
mistake. We woke up at 6.30am to go to Paris and OH MY GOD I’ve never
felt so bad in all my life. On the train I was dead dead dead. Anyway
we got there at 11am ish and it was time to go to some Parisian caf�s!!!

We hung out in our friend Ali’s house (which is so sweet by the way)
for a while before going to the rugby match (the reason we went i nthe
first place) Munster v Stade Francais.

I’ve never seen a rugby match, and this one was (by all accounts)
pretty good, even though I didn’t understand it all and it wasn’t
totally gripping (the view was shit)…but anyway we invaded the pitch
at the end (of course – we’re british you know (except the irish fans
of course he he he)) and stole someone’s hat (it’s a filthy red Munster
cap if you want it back) and George the whining drunken Irish
kneecapped a poor security guard on the way onto the pitch (he did
deserve it however)…Whatever, good fun…

On the way back to Ali’s place we stole some kebabs from street
vendors…I have no excuses (except that they let you drink throughout
French rugby matches – oh dear me)…

That night Ali’s room mate Ben cooked us all pizza before we hit the
town…and Paris by night (TM Rupert) is amazing. The bars are so cool,
every single one looked like you could easily spend all night in
there…just so sweet. We ended up going to this kinda Spanish joint
called ‘Some Girls Bar’ first of all….really nice and cozy….then to
a bar called ‘Wax’ which had a cool DJ in and more great
atmosphere….then to a gay club (by accident) which was actually quite
horrendous….then to Ali’s girlfriend’s appartment which is absolutely
breathtakingly ace (and for less dough than Cryfield per week –
AAAGGHHH!!!!)…then home via taxi at 4.30am. Great…

Early start the next day (12pm for shopping in the Jewish quarter (I
kid you not)). This was a really swanky area with some really good
quality shops and caf�s…it was a world away from Ali’s area which was
more Asian influenced (the Jewish area being…erm…Israeli influenced
I suppose)…anyway it was great. We met one of Joss’s old school
friends and had a coffee in another cool caf� and then more browsing,
followed by dinner in a great restaurant (I’ll have the duck please)
before……….PARIS ST GERMAIN v NANCY in the French League Cup. Parc
des Princes. 1-1 after full time. 1-1 after extra time – PENALTIES!!!!
We couldn’t have asked for more. Plus the crowd went home happy (PSG
won) and thus we didn’t get stabbed on the tube home. A quiet night
after that (it was Sunday) and then today shopping…I bought a Diary
(for planning my life), two manga comics (Dragonball (the original
series, 1984) and the coolest one ever…Slam Dunk!…about a high school basketball team in Japan. Great stuff for the journey home.

Oh yeah, last Friday I bought some navy blue Nike Air Tremble trainers and a blue shirt. �40 and �2 respectively.

I’ll probably reveal more in the days to come, but suffice to say I
have had such a great weekend. And I finished my essay on the train
home! And I typed it up tonight! Great great great…

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