Hmm I have some things to say. First off last
Wednesday night ws meant to be massive but instead it turned out to be
a very relaxed and enjoyable evening…The Mexican invasion (one) came
out with Joss and me for a few drinks and we managed to learn more
about her (she doesn’t live in a mud hut on the beach after all)…She
also had no qualms about getting up in Notre Dame and dancing like an
absolute vixen…There’s going to be trouble ahead…

Anyway she and her *friend* Marie-Axel (or some shit) went to Venice
yesterday for the carnival…We were invited but we don’t have the
denaro unfortunately (very unfortunately)…MA is totally sexy and fit
(but whether or not anything happens depends on her linguistic
development (as we don’t really currently share a language)…We’ll

It was a real banger last night in Notre Dame, loads of people, no trouble, lots of happy faces (and 40 euros pay). Sweet!

The lovely Ly-Ly Fong left today. I think everyone will miss her…

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