Wow I haven’t been online for a couple of days – it’s
a bit weird checking email and updating after a little break…I had 13
new messages, including one from a Warwick Uni account with a 72k
attachment which Hotmail’s Mcafee virus scanner told me was virulent to
say the least. Bitch. Luckily I couldn’t download it so all is fine on
the old computer (except the left shift button is still broken.)

So what’s been happening? Well firstly, last Sunday Joss and I went to
the wonderful Shiv’s house for a meal – it was really nice to be able
to chat with someone who we’ve met and go to the next level of
friendship rather than the old bullshit which you generally tend to get
with people you meet here…Plus we all shared a few secrets he he he…

I worked Monday night at the bar, it was very quiet, we finished early (around 12.30am) which was ok…

Haha – Tuesday I took the two new Mexican girls out into town…first
to the 3 Canards which was cool (it was also Shiv’s first night working
there so I went for moral support) and then to Notre Dame which was
expty by then…It was really nice to go out with them (coz they’re
gorgeous) but also because they seem really cool too…we’ll see…

OH shit yeah plus Frank (who djs and promotes nights around Grenoble)
has got me a job djing a warmup at a REAL nightclub!!! It’s on the 20th
February and it should be SO COOL!! The dj who is going to play is
coming down from Paris and he’s meant to be really good….thus i can’t
wait!!!!! More information about the night will be posted on this site

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