It looks like I just got myself a girlfriend.

It all started last Thursday……

Thursday night in Notre Dame…Joss and I are working….It’s a
banger…Suddenly the Mexican (from here known as Mariatzel) walks into
the bar and comes over…She’s lost the others and thinks she’ll wait
for them here. ‘Sweet’ I think, as I can chat with her for a while…

So we get to chatting…but then disaster #1…A French friend of mine,
Phillipe(sp?) comes over to us and joins in the convo. Normally that’d
be cool as far as I was concerned but I really wanted to put in some
quality groundwork and I knew that if he started chatting with her he
wouldn’t give up all night (he’s a persistent bugger). Unofrtunately I
was right and he did chat with her for the next 2 hours while i watched
on in horror…

Then disaster #2 – The other Mexican girl, Keila, comes in with a
Swedish friend and she is off her face. Totally battered. I could see
it a mile off…but as soon as she came over things went from bad to
worse…I offer the old ‘bisous’ and BAM…she tries to get some tongue
action….I was mortified because not only would I have to turn down
the advances of Keila, but it was going to ruin my future with

The night was really crap from then on…I was moping around the bar,
Keila got more and more drunk and started losing things and causing
trouble (not real trouble but just drunk girl trouble) and finally they
all left to go to Vieux Manoir (the 5am bar). I didn’t know whether to
bother, but I thought that I might as well because Joss and George the
Whining Irish were both quite up for it…ho ho ho…

When we arrived at VM the scene was almost identical to ND…same
people, all drunk, Keila nearly crying (she’d ‘lost’ her keys, money,
coat etc) Mariatzel looking like she ws getting annoyed…..yuck….I
tried to have a good time but eventually we realised that Keila was too
drunk to do anything so we decided to take her back to George’s…30
minutes later we were all in ‘bed’….George, Keila, Joss and Rachel in
the double bed, Mariatzel and me on the floor…Then I stopped cursing
my bad luck and realised that the bad karma of the night was all
leading to the best night i’d had in Grenoble…

The next day, Friday, we (George, Keila, Mariatzel, me) went to
watch Ocean’s Eleven at the Club cinema…it was really good I thought,
maybe a little tiny bit bland due to the huge number of personalities
but still it was (George: ‘A good veg’). After we had a drink and went

Saturday I worked with new bar recruit Fre (Holland), it was a psycho
night, Shiv, Rob and Alex were all back in the social frame of mind and
my god can those bastards drink…we all then went to the Vieux Manoir
again but only for about 20 minutes so Joss could see Amelie, then it
was home…

Sunday it was the NBA All Star Game!!! I watched it with Keila and
Mariatzel in Berlioz…then we all slept in her room (Keila’s)…very
nice evening…In the day we also watched the African Nations Cup final
and PSG v Marseille…Cool…

Yesterday was Mariatzel’s birthday (great timing doofus) but she seemed
pretty downbeat about it…Keila’s spousal problems didn’t help…in
the end I went with M to a bar called ‘No Name’ (she’d arranged like 2
weeks ago to meet a 28yr old Mexican guy there)…suffice to say that
as soon as he saw me his faced changed from ‘Full of Love’ to ‘Who the
fuck is this english prick?’. I didn’t really mind, I just read the
paper and watched the old timers dance the tango (it was quite romantic
actually)…When we went back to Berlioz it was too late to catch a bus
or tram so we had to find someone’s floor to sleep on – In fact we went
one better, as Dara was not only awake but was planning to sleep on the
floor himslef, thus having a free bed – we didn’t object…To top the
night off we had a big smoke on his Sheesha pipe before sleep – great
strawberry tobacco – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

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