Oh shit, it was yesterday wasn’t it?! I must have missed it…he he he…
No honestly I had a great time this Feb 14th…It all began on Wednesday…


So I hadn’t seen the Mexicans for 24hrs and I was wondering what was
up…I called Keila (who now seems to have turned into a crazy
cat…..more later) and she said that she and Mariatzel would meet me
around 6pm. We hooked up and went to the Boite a Sardines for a coffee.
Now I thought that both of them were going to eat some Fondue with
their classes, but in fact Mariatzel was free – which meant good news
for me…
We went to G�ant to buy some food…imagine this shopping list:
Lime Doritos
Chupa Chups
Ice Cream x 2
Caramel Sauce

…and took it all back to my place. The time was like 9pm now…20
hours later (5pm Valentine’s Day) we were in the same place…very full
and (at least I was) very happy. Sweet.

Then unfortunately(sp?) I had to work at the bar so no romance in the
evening, but it was ok…the start of the night was more dead than
breeze (tm Joss), but it picked up a little towards the end…I think
it was just the mixture of holidays with romance which was keeping
everyone locked up in their homes…

Tonight (Friday) sounds like it’s shaping up to be cool…It’s a girl
from Wimbeldon’s birthday (I think Joss really fancies her) and I’m
going to her party (which just happens to be in the same block as
Mariatzel’s place…sweet. We’ll see how it goes…


In other news…I bough some small speakers for my laptop so I can play
cds without the internal ones crackling like bastards…they seem to be
pretty cool (they do their job). I would advise anyone who wants to buy
audio speakers (and don’t want to pay upwards of �50) to always look
around computer shops instead of looking in HMV or whatever because the
quality is 10x better and the price is 10x better too (which makes them
100x better…you dig?)

Respect is due to: Paul, Flintoff (da Daddy), Mairead (great name) and
to Blackstreet for getting so many couples through Valentine’s Day
(relatively) unscathed…

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