I’ve been trying to think of an epic opening for this
entry but i cant think of one except that tonight was really fucked up.
we went to a party (mariatzel, joss, me zotos, elisa, lots of others)
first which was ok, pretty cool, relaxed, then went to Notre Dame. I
wanted to get a lift home from Nanou (the bar owner) so me and
Mariatzel stayed there after it closed at 2am. We were standing outside
the bar when two cars pulled up outside, the first with 4 guys in it
and the second with 2 girls. It seemed like on of the guys had lost
their phone or some shit because the first two guys in the first car
jumped out, ran off and gave the keys to the the other two. at first i
thought (honestly) that they were being followed by police, that’s why
they ran, but the other two guys seemed relaxed, just got in the front
and seemed like they were going to drive off (coz they were blocking
the road). anyway the new driver guy couldn’t start the car because it
had an immobilizer on it which he couldnt work out, we (who were
standing outside the bar) were even giggling at this…then the first
two guys who originally ran off came back and resumed their positions.
everyhting normal so far. anyway then this one guy says ‘let’s get out
of here, i hate being near these french fucks. fuck france’. Nanou
started giggling at this, so the guy who said it like jumped out of the
car and started slagging him off ‘fuck you, fuck your mother, i’ll
fucking kill you’ etc. Nanou is immediately on the phone to braheim
(his brother who owns the Couche
Tard) and tells him to get the
fuck over here…meanwhile another of the guys gets out of the car and
starts slagging nanou and pat (the guy who works the door at ND) off. A
thirs guy gets out of the car and tries to calm these two down (because
i think he knew nanou or somehting, or at least knew not to fuck with
him) but this first guy (about 6’1″, built, black, black leather jacket
with ‘Redskins’ written across it) pulls out this fucking foot long
metal weapon (later described as a bushido weapon by this french guy
who was there) and starts waving it around. the whole time i’m kind of
in a dream state, as if i’m watching it all on tv. i had my arms around
mariatzel at the time and all i could think was that it was ok because
we were together so nothing was going to happen. eventually the guy
with the stick gets in the car, all the time staring at nanou (who is
getting pissed off because brheim the fucking thai boxing champion
asskicker hasnt turned up yet). so they dirve off, just as braheim
arrives…anyway nanou was so mad, madder than i’ve ever seen him, and
i am just still a bit pickled even though i’m at home (and M is in the
shower). fuck i hate people sometimes. just makes you want to stay at
fucking home all day.

green laguna, ??? ANT 38 – i did get the rest of the licence plate but i forgot it. fuck them.

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