Right then, let’s begin…

Mariatzel dropped the bomb yesterday – she came into the bar at around
1.30am, totally trashed, and ignored me…I thought this was a bit
weird (although when she drinks she does tend to become just a touch
weird) but I left it…she goes to the loo and on the way back she
corners me:
“Oli, I have something to tell you”
“I just need to tell you”
“I’m just going to say it”

“I love you”

The reason why I don’t think that I’m going to hell for not immediately
answering with any sort of response is that I don’t think she’ll even
be able to remember it today….yuk yuk yuk…Not only do I think it is
unholily(sp?) early in a relationship (1 month yesterday! Hurrah!) to
say such dastardly things, but in a bar? After a few brandy shandys? I
think not!
She’s gone to Montpellier for some god unknown reason until Monday, so it’ll be bit strange without her this weekend…

I’d also like to say how happy i am that the GCSE maths circle has
been reunited in the comments sections of Oliworld – Flint, Tony IP and
Dave the Pedo are all now chit chatting away – just goes to show the
power of the Internet (and Nicola Fletcher’s nipples). All we need is
Bav to make a guest appearance…

I can’t wait to go and see Rollerball! Boom LLCOOLJ Boom!!!

Note to Tony: We’re not settling down, we’re just playing around…

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